Thread: Remember: Little Titter?

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    High all!

    Since a couple of days I'am trying to remember the title of a cartoon on televesion I saw as a kid...
    - I remember it was about a blue little blue bird that kinda got into adventures.
    - I thought a modern South Park episode showed a fragment /or remake of it. Cartman was watching it and yelled at his mother... the fragment was something about building a 'Reich' or something... (cartoon could ve been German by origin);
    - I though in recent years I've heard the name 'Little Titter'(and his friends)... (titter like twitter/chatting)

    Anyone remember the official name of this cartoon or where i can find some clips about it... ? I've tried searching this site and google (but i cant' find anything... all overshadowed by Twitter TM)
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