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    I'm searching for Adventures in Wonderland episodes. The Youtube channel was deleted yesterday and the person who was posting them probaby will not be sharing any more episodes.

    I can buy the tapes from you if you have them. I'm afraid I don't have much to trade unless you're interested in rare Alice in Wonderland movies.

    I'm mainly looking for episodes that weren't posted on Youtube though I would be interested in buying episodes that were posted.

    Here are the episodes that weren't posted:
    Red Queen for a Day
    The Bunny Flop
    Through the Looking Glasses
    That’s All, Jokes!
    Boo, Who?
    Double Your Bunny
    How the West was Wonderland
    Tooth or Consequences
    The Wonderland Enquirer
    Up and Anthem
    Hic-Hic Hooray
    All That Glitters/Forbidden Fruit
    Whose Carrots Are They, Anyway?
    Say It Again, Ma’am!
    Lady and the Camp
    Toot-Toot-Tootsies, Goodbye
    Queen of the Beasts/The Greatest Story Never Sold
    The Best Ears of Our Lives
    Fiesta Time
    On a Roll
    The Grape Juice of Wrath
    Homing Pigeons
    Deface in the Crowd
    TV or Not TV?
    The Clan of the Cavebunny
    Game Shows People Play
    Give Ants a Chance
    Card 54, Where Are You?
    Your Cheatin’ Red Heart
    Bunny, Can You Spare a Dime?
    The Royalty Trap
    Just the Fax, Ma’am/Duchess Treat
    The Color of Woebucks
    Those Tusks, Those Eyes

    Thank you in advance if you can help!
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