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    Awesome and dark Disney produced animated show that appealed to all ages including teens and adults and was a hit show for Disney plus it was produced/written/designed by some people who did Batman TAS and later Spawn TAS.

    I use to watch this every morning when i was 12 and 13 as i thought it was one of the coolest animated shows i've ever seen, Goliath was badass thanks to Keith David's voice. Xanatos was a neat villain as he was Tony Stark gone bad, who knew later on Broadway was voiced by Patrick from Spongebob? and Demona was one hot gargoyle chick i use to have fantasies about, although Eliza was hot too as was Fox and Maggie the half-human/half-cat/half-gargoyle mutant was cute too.

    I'd love to see Marvel have them do a comeback and have them in Kingdom Hearts 3.
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      I used to watch this show too, I think it was part of the after school lineup. The story was real good, it kept you wanting to see more; learning secrets about their origins etc..
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