Thread: Classroom mishaps (warning vomit stories)

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    ****Warning vomit stories!****

    Were there ever any mishaps during class when you were in school? Things like a kid puking in class, peeing their pants or having seizures?

    We never had anything serious happen and despite us being denied the restroom regularly no one peed their pant with the exception of a Mexican girl in kindergarten. For some reason they put her in our class instead of ESL. She didn't know how to ask in English and ended up peeing her pants. Our teacher was always really mean to her. She spanked her for peeing on the rug, made her clean it up and didn't even send her to the nurse to borrow some clothes.

    While we always controlled our bladder we couldn't always control out gag reflux. There was plenty of vomiting over the years though I never did at school. In fact I refused to drink the chocolate milk because that was what seemed to always come up.

    One day kindergarten just as we finished watching a film a kid threw up his chocolate milk all over the kid in front of him. As he left the classroom he threw up again in the hall. The kid he threw up on was speechless. If that was me I would have freaked out! That same year another kid crapped his pants. He refused to admit it and we had to smell it all the way home on the bus!

    When someone would lose their lunch the janitor would come in and sprinkle that stuff that looked like saw dust. The powder would adsorb it so it could be swept up. Thankfully there wasn't much barfing in any of my classes after the third grade. We did have a puke fest in the restroom after a pizza party in the 4th grade. In all I think like 7 kids threw up. I think a game of soccer after endless servings of pizza was a bad idea! In the 8th grade a kid made himself puke on the floor just before class started so he could go home. There was no puking in class in high school thankfully!
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      I laughed so hard one day I pissed my pants lol. That's what I get for makeing fun of somebody!
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        1 day in kindergarden we watched a movie called "problem child" could have been one of the sequels tho I don't remember anyway, there's a part in the movie where one of the kids says something snotty to the problem child like your an idiot (just an example) and then he stands up and he's like "oh yeah well idiot THIS" and he pulls it out and pee's on their campfire and puts it out.

        At recess some kid was making fun of me and called me an idiot or something so lol I did the same only I pee'd on him and then I threw him down a hill.
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