Thread: Japanese kids: remember Touhou?

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    If you were raised in Japan (not many were), you might remember this.

    Touhou was a video game that started in 1996. They were for the PC-98. I rember after Mystic Square in 1998, there was a hiatus. And then, the 6th game got released in 2002! Touhou is till going today.

    If you remember these games, reply!
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      Yes I do! I wasn't raised in Japan, but I remember Touhou! My cousin introduced me to it in the fall of 1997 when I went over his house and we played HRtP and SoEW! We used to pre-order every game on Amusement Makers' site. My dad got me a PC-98 when he went on a business trip to Japan because I loved the games so much! He purchased the games from second-hand doujin shops. I think he stopped by Comiket one time and took a picture of the stand that was selling MS. He brought back the circle cut for me, too! (My cousin gave me the C52 circle cut, my dad's friend gave me the C53 and C54 circle cuts, and my dad gave me the C55 circle cut.)

      During the hiatus, me and my cousin played Seihou. I remember when EoSD came out, my cousin called me up and told me to come over and play it, his friend had pre-ordered it in Japan! I was one of the first to be a fan of Touhou. Thanks for asking.
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