Thread: Stores which you visited growing up!

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    Ceecee's pizza or however you spell it
    The Spy Shop
    uhh dunno

    I'm just listing places that aren't around anymore though
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      Hmmm.... It'll just be two. Too much to remember to write anyways.
      Big Boys / (Orginal) Big Boys: An old burger place I usually go to in the early 90's. The first I went to was in the Northridge Mall. Once the Northridge Earthquake wreak havoc in '94 it was teared down. The original Big Boys is where I used to go occasionally when I had a Big Brother due to a program.
      KB Toys: The place I usually buy my toys back when I was young. Lucky one time I found an old Masked Rider (Black/Gold) toy hidden behind new toys back in 1999 years after the show was cancelled.
      Pic n' Save: I remembered I bought a book from there which started my love of space exploration.
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        Quote by Strandysmommy
        Here in MN we had:
        -Shopping Stores-

        Montgomery Wards
        Carson Peri Scott

        Title Wave
        Media Play

        KB Toys (there doesn't seem to be anymore aroun- OH NO! I can't find the KB TOY STORE- I can't see...KB!)


        Red Owl

        I live in St Paul and I remember them well!!

        But don't for get Dayton's department store, the hight of local high-end department stores, for decades!

        And Hardees, my husband and I used to go to them when we were dating, in the late 80's . now they all seem to be gone, around here.

        Do you remember Rax giving out 3-d glasses ?

        we still have a Chuck E Cheese and lots of Cub and Rainbow Foods around here where I live now.

        Stores I grew up with in Washington State that Minnesota doesn't have:
        Safeway (they don't sell Maple Bars here!!)
        Taco Time ( I need my crispy meat burrito, no place else has them quite like that!)
        7-11 . SuperAmerica is similar, but it's just not the same!
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          Here are mine from Southern CA:

          Pup n Taco
          Alpha Beta
          National Lumber
          Cal Wortington Ford
          Montgomery Ward
          Gemco (where my mom bought me my first "Mickey Mouse Disco" LP)
          Big Ben Records
          Aladdin's Castle
          Chuck E Cheese's
          Standard Brand Paints
          Angel's Hardware
          Builder's Emporium
          Home Club (these stores were former Zodys stores)
          Kinney Shoes
          JJ Newberry
          Thrifty Drugs
          Dooley's Family Hardware Store
          Koby's Shoes (forerunner of Payless Shoes Source)
          Big Ben Records
          Banner Carpets
          Pete Ellis Dodge
          Dial Chevrolet

          So many others. I have classic commercials for most of these places on video that I would love to share soon.
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            At home:
            Bi Way: small discount chain, out of business
            Dollar Bonanza: independent dollar store under some other name, now.
            A Buck Or Two!: dollar store chain; most have been bought out by the Dollarama stores, but a few are still kicking.
            Eaton's: Canadian department store, out of business (tear)
            Woolco: I don't have any memories of shopping here, but I know we did.
            The Disney Store
            Simpsons: Canadian department store, out of business
            Bretons: chain of upscale (I think?) clothing stores, out of business (as far as I know)
            Mr. Grocer: now Valu-Mart
            Price Club: basically Costco's Canadian name, now Price Costco
            Miracle Food Mart: out of business
            Shoppers Drug Mart
            Pizza Nova: we used to get pizzas from here every Friday. We rarely eat pizza anymore, and when we do, we get from Pizza Pizza.
            McDonald's: last thing I ate from here was one of those yogurt/berry parfaits. That was over two years ago.
            Burger King: I went last summer because I wanted to get some of the Star Wars toys, but I didn't get any food. Can't remember when/what I ate there, last.
            KMart: no longer in Canada, at least not in the GTA
            Aikenheads: Basically a Canadian Home Depot, out of business
            Beaver Lumber: small home improvement retailer, out of business
            The Bay
            Toys R Us
            Rogers Video: I go to Blockbuster, now
            Pizza Hut: a lot of them have closed here (due to competition from Pizza Pizza, no doubt)
            Hy & Zel's: Pharmacy/grocery store, now called Pharmacy 1 (as of this year)
            Rafters: store carrying kitschy dolls and junk like that, out of business (I don't think it was a chain)
            Marks and Spencer: no longer in Canada. Most of my childhood clothing was bought here.
            Consumers Distributing: catalogue retail store chain, out of business
            Chapters: I mean Chapters before it was bought out by Indigo, back when they carried ONLY books.
            Gap Kids: lots of clothes bought here.
            Badali's: big Italian supermarket (not a chain), out of business.
            Stitches: I don't like admitting that I used to shop here.
            ...It Store: I never actually bought anything here, but I popped in once or twice. I'm pretty sure it was Canadian, exactly like Spencer Gifts. Out of business.
            White Rose: Canadian craft store chain, out of business.

            In the U.S.
            Jenss: out of business
            Shoney's: vacationing in SC
            Ames: out of business
            Hills: out of business
            Vix: out of business (I think?)
            Denny's: ate at the American ones more often than the ones here
            K*B Toys: I still go here, though!
            Media Play: out of business
            Mobil: I always got my Cheetos Paws, here.
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              I'll try and do a more accurate one this time.. lesse....

              KB Toys
              Toys R Us
              Chick Fila
              Burger King
              Discovery Zone
              Rite Aid(I think)
              CITGO(gas station)
              Winn Dixies
              Food World
              Tom's Video
              Movie Gallery
              Osh Kosh
              Ceecee's pizza
              Pizza Hut
              Vision Comics store
              Card Collectibles Cornere

              I think that's all I can remember
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                Might miss a couple, but I'll give it a try......

                Toys R Us
                Consumers store (magazine retail company)
                Just Kids
                Leisure World
                Lewis Craft (which I still go into)
                Music World
                Sam the Record Man
                Hills (when fam would go to the states)

                Nothing else is coming to me......
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                  Woolco (later became Towers Department Store)
                  Bargain Harolds
                  Penhorne and McMac Mall (these still exist in Dartmouth Nova Scotia but are now about triple the size they were in the 80's so it's not the same)
                  Discus Music
                  A&H Music
                  Days of Wine and Vinyl Used Record and Books (bought my first vinyl album there, Yes - Close to the Edge)
                  Taz Used Records
                  Grecco Donair and Pizza (this still exists in Nova Scotia and in some smaller towns in Ontario)
                  Moyers Toys
                  Lewis Craft (usually with my sister, she was big into cross stitch)
                  Fabricland, always remember that one cause there was a baseball card store up the street
                  Bargain Books Used Books
                  There was a beautiful tea room I forget the name of right now in Downtown Halifax. They sereved Italian soda, the cherry flavour was very sweet, I was crazy about it and there was a very cool used book store in the back, I used to stock up on HG Wells' books there.
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                    Quote by santuel
                    Ceecee's pizza or however you spell it

                    Did it have a radio commercial like "Ceecee's pizza, the best pizza value anywhere! For $2.99" in a weird classic rock voice?
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                      Anyone remember 'BEST' ? They had really crazy looking buildings and each one was different. The one here had an exterioir of large light blue tiles with painted flowers in various colors. The building is still standing, at least it was a couple years ago. Maybe its haunted by ghosts of shoppers past?
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                        Quote by Egon_Spangler
                        Quote by santuel
                        Ceecee's pizza or however you spell it

                        Did it have a radio commercial like "Ceecee's pizza, the best pizza value anywhere! For $2.99" in a weird classic rock voice?

                        There used to be a couple in Albuquerque, but they closed up. And it's Cici's.
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                          We still have Ci-Ci's Pizza here in Greensboro.
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                            I remember the grocery store PIGGLY WIGGLY. its been gone for a while though.
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                              I remember going to a store called "Zare's" back in the 80's, it's a store my mom and aunts used to go to (think k-mart) and where I got my Lazer Tag gear (the boxs still have the Store sticker tag on them!), and my Heman/Tranformers/Chuck Norris action figures from.
                              I have a story stuck in my mind from going to that store. We went there (mom, lil sister and myself) on night and my mom was looking around at some clothes ( I was about 6-7 years old). Well while she was doing that, I was eying the Shiny redfire extinguisher(sp). It was really interesting and I has always wanted to squeese that trigger, so my moms back was turn and I did it and crap went EVERYWHERE! My mom didn't notice. I was safe, so I thought.

                              So my mom finishes up and starts to walk to another department when she sees all the white stuff on the floor, she asks me if knew what happened (she noticed that it wasn't there before) I said "no" but of course I hadn't notice all the stuff on my pants leg and shoes!! Let's just say the reason I remember this story so clearly is because It stands out as the time I got the worst whoopin' I every recieved ( I rarely got whooped after this accident). But damn did I love Zare's.

                              Zare's later got turned into Ames, then into another childhood department store Venture (lots of fond memories going to that store as a kid also, got my Fireball Island board game there! and my Micro Machines/Ninja Turtles ect.). Then most of the locations where those stores were located turned into K-mart stores.

                              Another old Favorite, WoolsWorth department store. My mom would buy all of my NES games there fo rbirthdays/Christmas's/Good report cards, ect.
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                                I miss the IGA
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                                  Mine were/are located in Connecticut

                                  Out of Business

                                  Child World
                                  Rickel Home Center..Where I worked for 9 years

                                  Still around


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                                    Quote by Boba
                                    Stores that are no longer around here in Southern California:

                                    Thrifty's (for ice cream and comic books)
                                    Woolworth's (with the lunch counter! awesome grilled cheese sandwiches!)
                                    Alpha Beta
                                    Licorice Pizza (record store)

                                    I was going to start a thread like this, but instead resurrected a previous one. Fedco and Woolworth provided all the NES (and sometimes bootleg NES) games I ever needed. Lucky's, AlphaBeta, and Thrifty's were ice cream cone hot spots. I was even a witness to a violent robbery at the AlphaBeta in South L.A....

                                    These are the other LA ones I can think of:

                                    Legion Comics
                                    Miller's Outpost
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                                      One not mentioned yet was THE RED BARN!!!There was one in Cambridge Ontario that its building still exists but as a Matress store now.Many buildings can still be found all over North America as some other business.Keep your eye out for one.
                                      Ponderosa still exists in Niagara Falls NY and St Catharines Ontario.The one here in Kitchener Ont was changed into a RED LOBSTER since the early 90's.
                                      Woolco's were bought out by Wal-Mart locally here.
                                      Remember BIG BOY Restaraunts?There is one in Port Huron Michigan and a White Castle drive thru is also found there.The BIG BOY locally (London area) was there up to the early 90's--not sure if still there.
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                                        Ventures - my parents shopped here for furniture and toys for me. This turned into an Ames in my area, and now it's Food 4 Less.

                                        Eagle Country Market - My aunt used to work in the bakery at one of these stores. I loved the atmosphere of the store - it's not cold and uninviting like today's grocery stores. Plus, on the weekends, there were tons of tables set up with food to sample.

                                        Service Merchandise - ahh, the memories. So many appliances, exercise equipment, and cool gadgetry to play with and get hurt on! I once bumped my head on some exercise equipment while playing with my cousin. This store had everything - but food. They even had nice jewelry! And TONS of toys!

                                        Handy Andy - A hardware store full of nicks and ends - nails, pipes, etc. All for a young girl to shuffle through and enjoy.

                                        Hardees - Still here. I remember their kiddie meals and their kid room filled with plastic colorful balls. Also their yummy breakfast sausage sandwich.

                                        Blockbuster Videos - of course it's still in business, but I fondly remember the days where I could go in and rent Berenstain Bears videos and N64 games to play over the weekend. My parents rented movies using their Blockbuster card, and later on I would get cool Pokemon stickers from their Pokemon machine.

                                        Racing Rapids in Gurnee, Illinois - my family used to go there every summer to ride the Lazy River, the go-cart course, the Bumper Boats, the Intertube Slide, and the big, scary water slides. So much fun - they even had an arcade and a snack bar where I could eat delicious nachos covered in cheese.

                                        Cubs - recently converted to Ultra Foods, I used to remember the big cargo shelves and large portions of food that the store used to sell. I also remember the Crayola day each year before school started in August. The kids would get to bury their hands in bins of crayons and get to learn how crayons are made, then get to take a free crayon box home (and some other cool school supplies, at that).

                                        Petland - where I would get my fresh supply of fish when they died every few months. AWWW the cute puppies and kitties were adorable! It's still here in my town, but I have not been to it in years.

                                        Personally Yours - a cool store down the street from my house that sold holiday greeting cards, yard statues, knick knacks, candy, figurines, stuffed animals, and Beanie Babies in later years. It has been changed into a candle store and will be demolished at the end of this summer.

                                        Haunted Trails - Not really a store, but I went here a lot. Still alive and thriving! It's like Chuck E. Cheese, where you can play games to win tickets, and then exchange the tickets for cool prizes. But it's better than Chuck E. Cheese's. It does not have any of the (sometimes) annoying Chuck E. Cheese characters, it has a miniature golf course, two go-cart courses, batting cages, a nickel arcade, and very good cheesy pizza (as good as Chuckee's, and probably better). Inside the place they not only have games, but also a lazer tag obstacle course and the Bone Shaker (a ride where you can get into a round sitting areas and spin around really fast. I love that place!

                                        Subdock - a Subway type of restaurant by our house. Dad would walk there sometimes to get us really good sub sandwiches. Since then, it's been replaced by an ice cream place, and then by a Mexican restaurant. Both went out of business only months after they opened.

                                        Toys R Us - Used to be the best toy store ever. What happened to you, Toys R Us? I remember the fond times I used to see Sega and Nintendo games on the shelves, competing furiously against one another. And the huge Barbie section was to die for, before it gradually became smaller and smaller.

                                        And, of course, Montgomery Wards. I still have a 19 inch TV from that place that still works fine - a Signature 3000. I also have old Rudolph bags from there. Fond memories.

                                        And I also visited other places such as Marshall Field's, Carson's, McDonalds (when they had outdoor playgrounds), Burger King, Gamestop, Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart, K-Mart, Target, Circuit City, etc. but these above are highlights.
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                                          Does anyone remember Hamilton Harvey in Surrey?
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