Thread: Looking for name of 1960's Cartoon

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    This is driving me nuts. Does anybody remember the name of this cartoon character from the '60's or '70's that was like, a daredevil or a stuntman? He had a motorcycle, I think. George of the Jungle type. Can't find anything on Google or Retro Junk and it's driving me nuts. They showed it alongside George of the Jungle, Tom Slick and Super Chicken.
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      Not sure. But I liked 60s and 70s cartoons almost as much as I liked 80s cartoons.

      Ever watch The Mighty Heroes?
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      Man I can't get any videos to play ... here's the source link:
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        Yep, I remember that vaguely from when I was a kid. Growing up in the early 80's, there were a ton of old cartoons like that ran in syndication for years!
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          Was it Devlin maybe?

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            Nope. Not Devlin. This was more in the Jay Ward style of animation.
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              commander mcbragg? (He told many daredevil type tales & I'm sure he rode a motorcycle in at least one of them.)
              super 6?
              roger ramjet? (I don't think he ever rode a motorcycle, but the way they drew him in his jet kinda looks like he was riding a motorcycle, and he helmet looks a lot like a motorcycle helmet, and he often did daredevil type stuff in his adventures.)

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