Thread: Could you guys recommend some SNES/Genesis Games?

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    • 3 years 16 days ago
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    Zelda 3
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      I'd recommend all the Mortal Kombat games for SNES, but since you already have them on Genesis, I don't think its worth it. Unless you're a big fan of the game like me and want them for your collection.

      Others for SNES:

      Super Empire Strikes Back
      Fatal Fury 1 & 2
      Fatal Fury Special
      Final Fight
      Super Mario World 2
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        • 3 years 16 days ago
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        SegaFanatic, have you tried Mickey Mania for SNES? You'll like that one.

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          • 3 years 13 days ago
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          Ultraman (even though everyone online hates it, it's still a fun game).
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