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    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a custom-made two-minute music mix that I have put together, by combining an additional music sample by Geoff Zanelli that I had found on his website and taken from Hans Zimmer’s music score for Michael Bay’s critically ill-received 2001 war movie Pearl Harbor, with the sad music from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring that accompanies Gandalf’s fall from the Bridge of Khazad-Dum as he got dragged into the abyss (though at the Beginning of the Two Towers, Gandalf was still seen fighting the Balrog as wizard and demon fall further and further down the abyss of Khazad-dum) while the rest of the Fellowship fled. (P.S. You will hear the same sad music from the Fellowship of the Ring again as background music for the very first (or teaser) trailer for Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s 2013 Superman reboot, Man of Steel).

    I wish I could incorporate that mix into a possible teaser trailer idea for Dexter’s Odyssey, which is essentially my planned multi-part big screen big budget live action/animated dinosaur-infused epic blockbuster that’ll even reboot the 90s kids cartoon show Dexter’s Laboratory as such. that possible teaser trailer idea of mine should see Dexter having dream-like visions of DeeDee’s Asian friend LeeLee (who is pictured being encased in a glass bubble in outer space on the image below):

    Just kidding.

    Anyway, here are two links to my two-minute music mix called Dexter's Odyssey Mix: The Tale of Lili'mâiya:

    Your text to link here...

    Your text to link here...

    So, what do you think of my music mix? Is it sad, beautiful, epic, exotic, or what?
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