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    Casey_Jones wrote:
    bklynbren wrote:
    Casey_Jones wrote:
    bklynbren wrote:
    Dyzfunk7ional wrote:
    Uhm I rather have a coke float.

    Root Beer float would be better.
    My g/f always tells me that you can't have a float with anything other than Root Beer and Vanilla Ice cream. I'll admit that is my favorite. But I'll have a float with any variation or Pop and Ice Cream and she better damn well like it.

    lol, yeah your absolutely right. I think I've made it with cream soda before; the Mr. Softy trucks sometimes used Coke or Pepsi.

    I once made a Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Orange pop float.
    and well....

    No sir, I didn't like it.

    That must have also been visually disturbing.
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