Thread: When did music start going downhill for you?

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    • 3 years 30 days ago
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    Generally speaking for me it started in early/mid 90's. Hit shit bottom in early '00's and seems to stay there as a pig in its pigsty.
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      • 3 years 28 days ago
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      Never. As long as it has a good beat, its fine to me. Doesnt matter how profound or dimwitted the lyrics are.

      And if there is a dry spell in mainstream music, there is always a mountain of enjoyable indie songs if you know where to look.
        • 3 years 19 days ago
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        Music - Whenever alternative/grunge and rap started to replace soft rock, hair bands, and New Jack Swing (early 90s?).

        TV - Whenever the networks decided to drop their family-friendly programming in favor of adult shows like Desperate Housewives (late 90s?).

        Movies - Whenever stoner comedies and over-the-top action movies started becoming the norm (early 2000s?).
          • 1 year 6 months ago
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          Music: 2007
          TV: Not Yet
          Movies: 2013

          I love the early 2000's in music the best!
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            • 1 year 6 months ago
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            Music never really went downhill for me. I'm not denying that some awful songs are out there, though.
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              • 1 year 1 month ago
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              In terms of hip hop, pop, and rap music, I'd say 2015.
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                • 1 year 1 month ago
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                Early 2000's. HATED the music from this era.
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                  • 1 year 27 days ago
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                  Around the mid/late 90s, when hair metal got replaced by grunge and MFing rap/hiphop started invading (that's the one genre of music I absolutely cannot stand). Suddenly all the good music was gone from radio/mtv (really my only sources of music), to be replaced with *meh* stuff and "if I hear 1 more second of that garbage I'm going to tear the tv set apart with my bear hands!" stuff.

                  In more recent years I still don't think the mass media stuff has improved, if anything it's gotten worse due to rap invading every other genre (rap in country songs? seriously?!), but I have discovered new (at least to me) bands and even genres/subgenres, from jpop to power metal (and best of all babymetal!)
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                    • 1 year 3 days ago
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                    The last good year for music was 98, tv too. The movies started getting bad in the mid 90's.
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                      • 11 months 25 days ago
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                      I agree Wallet, accept, I think that todays shows on AMC, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon are right up there with some of the best EVER. The quality is amazing and theres some good stuff thats not regurgitated. Gut all the crap on the public channels sux.

                      n my opinion, ever since at least 1994, music has been heading straight for the bottomless pit of doom.

                      This is my opinion about things going downhill:

                      - Music: 1994
                      - TV: 1998/99
                      - Movies: 2002
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