Thread: Anyone here have tattoos?

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    I try to stay away from tattoos. If I don't, this could be my future.

    I don't want to be a Chris Andersen.

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      Quote by stake
      Mendhi is done with henna ink

      yeah, that's it. I still have a few jars in my parents storage somewhere.
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        Quote by stake
        And I do think the kanji tats and tribal signs are uninspired and stupid if they do not reflect one's actual heritage. There are impulsive, uncreative people in every segment of society.

        You don't have to reflect certain heritage to posses something as subjective/inner-self as a tattoo. If you apreciate some culture/heritage it doesn'tr matter if you carry it on yourself. Its all about taste and meaning... and even that is irrelevant since you can do whatever just because you happen to like it. Sure, more power to you if some meaning is behind but is not mandatory of course. If we choose stuff merely on our own heritage then you couldn't sport just about anything from clothe to hairdo.

        "when you get old you will regret it or it will fade horrible"... how many times I've heard of this bullshit. First it all depends on how you age (DNA/genetics factors) and body location. I have relatives 70+ years of age with tattoos that seems just fine. Of course a little fading is natural but you can still see the outlines/details of it. Second... what about if you don't reach old age? what if you die right about now. Thus do whatever you want without going overboard and enjoy life while you can. Carpe diem.
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