Thread: Ego Trip's climactic battle vs. AVATAR's climactic battles

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    I know Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip is a one-hour made-for-cable animated TV special while James Cameron's AVATAR is a big budget Hollywood epic blockbuster movie with cutting-edge computer generated images (or CGI, for short) and filmed in stereoscopic 3-D, and I know that James Cameron's AVATAR isn't retro at all and is not to be confused--under penalty of death--with the Nickelodeon franchise of the same title, but...

    Do you remember the Dexter’s Laboratory Made-For-TV special/movie, Ego Trip?

    Well, I do remember Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip. I have once seen it on New Year’s Day 2011 at 7AM on Cartoon Network in my basement.

    And I like that movie besides James Cameron’s 2009 science fiction 3D extravaganza, AVATAR, or Dexter's Laboratory itself or maybe Genndy Tartakovsky's other classic hit show for Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack.

    But nothing in Ego Trip or AVATAR is as epic as the climactic battle that pits Dexter and his future selves against Mandark and his future selves in Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip (representing the former), or what James Cameron describes as “The Mother of All Battles”, the Climactic War/Battle that pits Jake (as Toruk Makto, aka Rider of Last Shadow), Neytiri, Tsu’Tey, the Na’vi clans, Norm, Trudy Chacon (whom I saw as a martyr), and The wildlife of Pandora (a Leonopteryx, or toruk, Banshees, or ikran, Direhorses, Hammerheads, Viperwolves, Sturmbeests, and last but not least, the Thanator that Neytiri rides in battle against Quaritch in his AMP Suit who subsequently kills the six-legged panther-like alien beast), against Quaritch and the so-called “Sky People” (and especially those in AMP Suits, too, especially Quaritch and Wainfleet) in James Cameron’s AVATAR.

    But alas…

    There is a difference or two between Dexter’s Laboratory: Ego Trip and James Cameron’s AVATAR and both climactic battle scenes from both movies.

    You see, while the Na’vi of James Cameron’s AVATAR had come across as digitally-rendered Performance Capture CGI and brought to life from actors’ performances such as those of Sam Worthington...

    Laz Alonso...

    and Zoe Saldana…

    Dexter, with Dexter and Dexter and Dexter…

    and Mandark with Mandark and Mandark and Mandark…

    as well as Dee Dee herself…

    are only 2D traditional hand drawn animated cartoons.

    And while James Cameron’s AVATAR is made for movie theatres and in 3D and for an IMAX screen and runs between 162 and 180 minutes…

    Dexter’s Laboratory Ego Trip is just a one-hour Dexter’s Laboratory made-for-TV special/movie.

    But anyway, I love both Dexter’s Laboratory (and Ego Trip as well) and James Cameron’s AVATAR--in addition to Samurai Jack, of course.

    What did you think of the climactic battle scenes in Ego Trip and Avatar (the James Cameron Movie), respectively?

    Which one is superior?

    Which one is better?

    Which one is funnier?

    Which one is more violent and more grown up?

    And how do you compare and contrast the climactic battle scene in Ego Trip with the climactic battle scenes in James Cameron’s AVATAR in your own words?

    Well, you decide!
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