Thread: A movie idea of mine besides the Dexter's Odyssey Saga

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    You and I may have noticed that my previous movie idea thread went down, but besides The Dexter’s Odyssey Saga, I really wanted to do a Samurai Jack-style 2D hand-drawn feature animation of my own, one that will apply the same kind of highly detailed outline-free masking-based animation and cinematic style and pacing that Genndy Tartakovsky (one of my idols and heroes!) used to employ on Samurai Jack to feature animation of the traditional 2D hand drawn kind. And hopefully, it will also go down in animation history by breaking new ground not in terms of advances in animation technology, but in terms of subject matter, as it will be the first and only animated feature-length cartoon movie of any kind of type that involves a character with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism.

    That project shall be called “The Aspie, The Aussie, and The Samurai”.

    “The Aspie, The Aussie, and The Samurai” will tell the zany, action-packed, epic tale of Timbox (not to be confused with yours truly, for he is a fictional character, not just my nickname), a young man with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, who deserts his mother, father, and two brothers, and join forces with an Australian man named Gendtar Joe and a Japanese Samurai warrior named Tsâihīko to embark on a zany, action-packed, epic, and imaginative cross-country journey across the United States (mainly on foot) from Timbox’s quiet suburban neighborhood near the outskirts of Annapolis, Maryland to somewhere in Hollywood, California, where they must locate, reach and meet up with Mêikēiko, Tsâihīko’s Japanese girlfriend.

    So, what do you think of the plot for “The Aspie, The Aussie, and The Samurai”? Would it be great, excellent, bizarre, good, bad, terrible, controversial or what?

    Well, what's your word?

    (And I don't expect any negative feedback from you!)
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      Sorry, it's been done already..
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