Thread: simpsons hit and run

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    • 5 years 26 days ago
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    not sure if there is already a topic for this game or not, but has anyone ever played the simpsons hit and run, I think that it's a great game although that i find some of the missions hard
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      • 5 years 26 days ago
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      The last mission was the hardest of 'em all.

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        • 5 years 21 days ago
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        I have this game. It's basically GTA PG.
        I like how the cheat codes can get you everywhere, especially the horn to jump in vehicle code.
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          • 5 years 20 days ago
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          I used to have this game, but I (foolishly) sold it. It was an interesting twist on Grand Theft Auto games. The thing I enjoyed doing the most was kicking the various Simpsons characters around. I really hated the timed missions the most.
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