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    I can't remember the name of a tv show or tv movie in the 1980s where there's this spy-like guy who can have his brain programmed by his teammates so that he remembers technical information and/or certain skills for 24 hours. After the 24 hours he forgets the information or skill. And so that's where the ending of the episode or movie pilot got really suspenseful because he gets into a situation where he can no longer remember the information or skill set. For example, (if I recall correctly) he was programmed to know how to fly a helicopter. I think the show might have played on the ABC Network.

    It wasn't I-Man with Scott Bakula. The actor playing the main character reminds me of actor Jack Scalia.

    Anyone else remember the show?
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      Not ringing any bells for me, but that sounds like it would make a good double feature with Meteor Man.
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        A Man Called Sloane

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          Guild, no, it wasn't "A Man Called Sloane". But that's an interesting guess. It was more high tech than that. It was a Knight Rider kind of show gadget-wise, but instead of a character like Michael Knight, he was more like James Bond. Like Knight Rider, he worked for a small organization doing good things like The A-Team or Mission Impossible and The Six Million Man.

          stake n sheak, yeah, the concept still haunts me. He could be programmed to be a doctor, lawyer, or anything. I guess similar to the show Dollhouse with Eliza Dushku.
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