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    • 5 years 8 hours ago
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    What pets did you have as a child?

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      • 5 years 3 hours ago
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      Dogs,cats,goldfish,parrot,turtles. Had them all All gone before their time...
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        • 5 years 2 hours ago
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        I had one dog that I got on my 5th Birthday. Luckily, I got to spend my childhood with him (he died when I was 20). I got a cat my senior year of high school, and thankfully, he's still alive.

        Other than that, I had a tarantula, for whatever reason. It died the day after I bought it, so it was more of a waste of money than anything else.
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          • 4 years 11 months ago
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          Talking about pets, a buddy of mine had a male hamster for his b-day. Good lord those things drag their fuzzy balls all over the place.
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