Thread: Playing Casino Games "For Fun"

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    Ever since my early teens (when I was still way too young to gamble), I've had a fascination of casino-related games and paraphernalia (cards, dice, roulette wheels, slot machines, etc.), and often related them to traveling and motels/hotels (since many casinos are part of a motel/hotel complex), which I've always loved. Therefore, I have somewhat of a collection of casino-related items, such as casino/gambling-themed board games, felt layouts of various table games such as Craps, Black Jack and Roulette, miniature Roulette wheels, many decks of cards, including ones from actual (mostly defunct) casinos with casino logos on the backs of the cards, casino-style dice...again, some of which have casino names on them, casino-style (clay) poker chips and (though not found in casinos) poker dice. Despite having all that, I am basically not a gambler and I only occasionally play some of those games when I have a friend over and we always play "for fun" and not for money. Have any of you played casino-related games just for the fun of it and not for gambling???
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