Thread: 3 years later- still betting a million no one can get this!!

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    Ok. I've been searching for years! I posted a few years ago- no luck. Giving it another shot I had a VHS tape around 1987 ( but it could've been made a few years before) A woman would start out downstairs saying hello to her viewers. Then she'd run upstairs to her attic and her clothes/hair would be different. She had a ghost knight named Atticus, princess mannequin who spoke like a harp and some other puppets. She'd make crafts and show mini documentaries about feelings. ANYONE know what I'm talking about? This is going to follow me to my grave!! Lol. Would seriously mail a starbucks gift card if anyone figured it out! Thanks in advance for any help!
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      Oh! And quick update- it's not Our End Of The Attic, The Magic Attic etc. it has the woman's name in the title ) Thanks again!
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        Sorry, I have no answer.

        But maybe you won't have to wait 3 more years for someone to give you the correct one.

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          Elsewhere on the internet, someone described a show that sounded just like this and thought it was called "Our end of the Attic" as you mentioned. I read through the thread and someone asked where she was from, thinking it might be a local show. She said Memphis, TN. Well, the Memphis newspaper, the Commercial Appeal, has this in the obituary section:

          Joan Haas Roth
          For many years she hosted television shows on WKNOTV which taught art to children; “Adventures In Art with Joan Roth” and “Our End of the Attic” as well as “Lookaround”, a social studies show for children documenting field trips.

          I think there is a chance at Our End of the Attic is the show you are looking for, and it's possible that outside of Memphis it was syndicated to other PBS affiliates with a slightly different name. I don't have an exact answer for you, BUT if you would like to follow up with the TV studio that produced the show directly, you can contact them at

          I wish you luck, I'm on my own quest to find a lost show so hopefully you will be successful and this will give me some good karma.
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