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    Looking for the name of a board game that was advertised during the early 90’s.

    It was sci-fi themed, you were a space trooper of some kind trying to find some “treasure” in a futuristic labyrinth, the game had sound clips like “Help me” and in the commercial you saw two versions either your futuristic trooper disintegrated the “villain” that looked like a floating brain with tentacles or it destroyed you.

    Any ideas?
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      Was it The Omega Virus?

      That game had troops investigating a virus that was taking over a space station. You had to type in three digit room codes to search for three upgrades to defeat the virus. Probes could help you search rooms faster, but they would automatically get terminated if they found the virus room. The final battle was just choosing either 1, 2, or 3 and it would either defeat the virus, or the virus would say some condescending words and shut down all the sectors. He would shut sectors down if you took too much time and you'd automatically lose if you were still in them.

      I didn't like how if you started the game, you'd have to either take out the batteries or let the game finish for it to turn off. The virus liked to take its time annoying you with sound clips.
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