Thread: Bejewled vs Candy with Oz, Evil Dead, & Retro Games

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    All in the subject is included in my rambling video.
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    Hope y'all enjoyed Bejewled, Oz, Evil Dead, NES, PC games, and .. Shaolin Soccer as much as I enjoyed talking about them.

    Not sure what happened, but ever since Google bought out YouTube completely my view counts have plummeted from the 1000s to the teens. It's really odd. So I'm humbling myself here, if you wish.. please feel free to click the like button. I'm not monetized at all, the only reason there's an ad in the video is because I used a clip from Shaolin Soccer and Captain N. I don't do youtube for money, I do it for fun. So view counts don't really matter in the end, it's just an odd thing that happened since the google take over a couple years ago.

    I'm screwing up the video. Here's the source link -- wow I don't know if it's Safari but my link in my signature isn't working and the spacing in this post isn't reflecting in the finished post. Sorry about all this.
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      After editing refresh the page and you should see it as it should be.
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