Thread: favorite schwarzenegger movies

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    • 5 years 13 days ago
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    You might not like him but if you grew up in the 80's/90's chances are you've seen a few of his movies. List your top 10! there doesn't have do be 10 you love, if you only like 5 list the next 5 in order of least crappiest. I'm going to do a top 15 to remind everyone of some of his flicks but you only have to do 10 if you want!

    my favorite 15:

    15.Red Heat
    14.true lies
    13.Last Action Hero
    9.Kindergarden Cop
    8.Jingle All The Way (I know you will have it lower but im an xmas freak lol)
    6.Running Man
    3.The 6th Day
    2.Total Recall
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      • 5 years 12 days ago
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      Total Recall, The Running Man, and Last Action Hero.. then the Terminator films.
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        • 5 years 12 days ago
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        I love a lot of Schwarzenegger movies i can't really name them all....
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          • 5 years 12 days ago
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          my favourite schwarzenegger movies are jingle all the way, twins and junior
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            • 5 years 12 days ago
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            The Terminator flicks
            True Lies
            Total Recall

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              • 5 years 12 days ago
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              Never cared for "Twins" have yet to see "The 6th day" and am probably the only guy in the western world who likes "The Last action hero".

              Otherwise, I like his stuff.

              Faves would be Commando, Predator and The Running Man.

              (I wonder if anyone will have that crappy Batman sequel on their list?)


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                • 5 years 11 days ago
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                Quote by sharkbate
                my favourite schwarzenegger movies are jingle all the way, twins and junior

                The Nostalgia Critic review the 1st and 3rd ones on there. "Twenty hours of projectile vomiting."
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                  • 5 years 11 days ago
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                  Picking my favorite Arnie flick is like choosing what parent I love more, but I'd say Predator ranks numero uno, closely followed by True Lies. Pumping Iron is probably my all time favorite movie he's in, but I wouldn't consider it an "Arnold Movie."
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                    • 5 years 11 days ago
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                    1. T2
                    2. True Lies
                    3. Commando
                    4. Jingle All the Way (sorry, it's a huge guilty pleasure of mine)
                    5. Predator
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                      • 5 years 11 days ago
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                      not really being a fan of action movies

                      Kindergarten Cop
                      Jingle all the way (I don't believe in apologizing for what I like, and only mentioned this because other people are)
                      Batman and Robin
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                        • 5 years 10 days ago
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                        I keep bouncing between T2, Predator and Total Recall.

                        I'm going to give the nod to Predator, cuz I've never seen a movie theater crowd so completely absorbed by a movie. A perfect example of special effects complementing the storyline instead of being the storyline.
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                          • 5 years 9 days ago
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                          My favorites are Terminator, Terminator 2, and Predator. I've only seen bits and pieces of Total recall, should really get around to watching the whole thing.
                            • 5 years 8 days ago
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                            I would have to say Red Sonja both Conan movies were good, Predator,The running man, Commando are my favorites.
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                              • 5 years 7 days ago
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                              Total Recall!
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                                • 5 years 7 days ago
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                                Terminator 1 and 2
                                Total Recall
                                Both the Conan movies
                                Jingle All The Way
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                                  • 5 years 6 days ago
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                                  My faves are terminator 1 & 2, the running man, commando, true lies, kindergarten cop and predator. Total recall is good too.

                                  edit: oh yeah, i forgot about jingle all ze way!
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