Thread: Do you find that using Facebook affects your self esteem?

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    I was inspired to ask this after reading this little article on how facebook can make you feel worse about yourself.I honestly find that it's not far from the truth,or at least in my case.

    Of course if you've been on the site long enough, it becomes inevitable that you'll start comparing your life to the lives of your other friends. The big reason you're more likely to feel bad about yourself is because typically, people only post about the good things that are happening in their lives and will leave out all the bad things they might be going through (unless it's something they know they can get sympathy comments from)
    So what are your opinions on the matter?
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      Well you're exactly right! Everyone, aside from drama whores post the creme de la creme of their lives. There's this one kid from high school who is a pilot now, he has a new post everyday in a new country. I know it seems cool, but I know it's a lonely life.
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        I've felt that way since myspace. That's why I don't spend a lot of time on facebook anymore.
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          I am only friends with local musicians and bars/galleries I like and people I currently see IRL.
          I don't pay very much attention to what people are writing, unless it's funny. I'm only on the face book to hear about events (mainly parties and concerts) I might want to go to.

          I think I don't have this problem because of those things. Also, I do have friends that post about bad things that happen to them.
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