Thread: Can anyone help me with titles to these movies?

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    1: Movie about a priest, at one point in the film he is attacked in a church by a couple midget demons, then held in place while a huge 4-legged female (if the rows of admittedly nice boobs, for a monster, are any indication of gender) monster demon forces him to swallow a piece of her flesh in some sort of perversion of communion.

    2: Second movie about a house with a one point the main female character's son is playing in the backyard sand box and his army soldiers and jeeps start moving and battling on their own while he watches in wonder. In another scene, a cable repair guy has come by the house while mom and the kid were gone, slipped from his ladder and hung by the cable wire which somehow wrapped around his neck. As mom walks through the house later, she sees his hanging corpse, which comes to life in weird claymation with huge bulging eyes and talks to her. I think the woman's husband's parents were heartless slave owners, and the spirits wanted him as well to appease their vengeance.

    3: 3rd is a movie about anthropologists who flew to...I guess South America to study "pygmies". Turns out these pygmies are fish-finned, humanoid lizard monsters, and apparently humans taste delicious to them. I thought it was called "Dance Of The Pygmies", but I can't find anything on google by that title.

    4: The last one I'm having trouble with is a movie about rattlesnakes that have mutated. I don't remember much except these 2 scenes:

    1: the main 2 characters, a man and woman (possibly on a trip for a college herpetology course) come to a gas station in the middle of nowhere along the highway for water or gas. While they hang out there and get their stuff together, they talk about the snakes' strange behavior. The guy who owns the place tells them the snakes killed his dog, then goes about his business. They wander around the place and go out back where they notice a seriously heavy-duty chain bolted to the floor and leading under a table covered with a cloth on the back porch. As they try to call the dog out, the old guy shows up again with a shotgun and tells them to get the hell away from his place. They get back into their car and drive off, making comments to each other about how the guy told them his dog was dead, and people must just be weird out in the sticks. The old guy puts the gun down, then lays down a bowl of food for the dog. He gets too close to the table and a snake/canine creature on the other end of the chain lunges out, killing him.

    2:Later the dude is bitten (one of his hands becomes a snake head over time) and starts trying to kill his girlfriend. She hits him with their car and he explodes into white foam and a bunch of snakes.
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