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    Not all television shows are created equal.

    This one is very special and, quite frankly, was a little too much for me when I first saw it in 1964.

    Robert Culp stars as a man named Trent. Trent is from the future and his right hand has been replaced by a hand-shaped computer. With the computer's help, Trent has been sent to the past to safeguard the earth's entire future population from alien invaders called the Kyben. The Kyben chase Trent back to the past. They want Trent's computer because it knows where all the future humans are hiding.

    Robert Culp played many action roles during his career in TV and movies, as Trent he is a man with no past and maybe no future despite his guardian role of the human race.

    The blond woman is Arlene Martel. Bet you guys know her from her role as Spock's wife T'Pring in the Star Trek episode, "Amok Time" from 1967.

    Also in this clip is the great actor Abraham Sofaer, he's the Kyben on the floor who reveals the location of the alien's Time Mirror inside the office building. Abraham Sofaer got lots of work as a voice actor, especially on Star Trek, with his deep toned narration gave substance to many alien encounters with humans.

    From the original Outer Limits of 1963/1964, a clip from the episode called "Demon with A Glass Hand". Sorry for the clip length but check out the Kyben's Time Mirror nearer the middle. Also check out the other episode parts on YouTube and remember, this was television from 1964

    Click the link: "Watch on YouTube"

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