Thread: Will MAME32/UI Work On A 64-Bit Computer???

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    I have MAME32/UI on my laptop and I'm thinking about copying the program onto a CD then installing it on my main computer, which has Windows 7 64-bit (the laptop has Windows 7 32-bit). Even though this is the 32-bit version of MAME, will it work on a computer with a 64-bit operating system??? Thanks.
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      It would work but it's recommended you take the plunge and get the upgrade so you can work with the latest gamesets and take full advantage of your 64-Bit processor as well.

      I'll point you in the direction of 64-Bit all you need to do is extract it to your old MAMEUI folder over your current 32-Bit and everytime a new version comes which is mostly monthly a new U update comes out now copy the latest 64-Bit over your previous 64-Bit.

      Latest 64-Bit so far you can get direct from the MAMEUI site is 0.148u2.

      It's best in your case to download the latest 64-Bit from the main site and when it it tells you where to save it locate the folder with your existing version and hit that button.

      It's only done in unpacker style format now so it's as simple as update and hit that button to start the program.

      If you are left with 2 different playing exes afterward one with a 32 and the other with a 64 which you probably will just press the 64 to run the emulator on your 64-Bit PC.

      Some games may have bugfixes so you may have to download updated roms but other than that it's the best version of your favorate one MAMEUI going for your 64-Bit PC.

      64-Bit Upgrades (Mostly updated to new U's monthly although sometimes earlier u updates can be done)
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