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    • 5 years 2 months ago
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    Here's what I need help on. I'm going to do a list for a new article on the best and worst Nick Jr shows. Now there will be a Top 5 Best and a top 5 worst. One submission per person per list so you guys pick one show for top 5 best and top 5 worst. Please Label what goes to what list. If you want to give reasons for why you like or hate the show you picked you can. Please have it be constructive. I'll leave this open for 2 weeks to maybe a month. Hope to hear from everyone soon.
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      • 3 years 14 days ago
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      number five on the best list should probobly be Peppa pigreruns are currently showed on Nick jr.
        • 9 months 25 days ago
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        Number one on the worst list - DORA THE FUCKING EXPLORER!
          • 2 months 3 days ago
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          Agree! Dora is fucking boring
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            • 2 months 3 days ago
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            best gulah gulah island worst rupert does he count he board me
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