Thread: Who remembers when the Watchmen comics came?

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    • 5 years 29 days ago
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    It was the BIG deal in comics of the 80s and changed comics forever and of my generation. i was 4 years old when the first issue came and collected each of the 12 issues and they opened my imagination to new heights. When i was 13 i sold the issues as i bought the graphic novel version as it was my first graphic novel purchase and this comic changed my life.
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      • 5 years 24 days ago
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      Around 1984 if I remember correctly. I thought it was OK, but too much political stuff for me at age 13. The Punisher and Jon Sable were my focus at the time.


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        It was mentioned a lot in Wizard magazine through the 90s, but the trade paperback wasn't really available. Sadly I didn't read it until 2004-ish. I recently picked up some issues at a toy show and I'd never seen single issues before, but they're actually not that valuable.
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