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    When you get to grow old with a favorite TV series one of the pleasures envolves different reactions with age.

    Here is an example from Star Trek, Season One, Episode 7: "What are Little Girls Made Of?"

    This is the episode that introduced Magel Barrett as nurse Christine Chapel. She longs to see her boyfriend, Dr. Roger Korby, now that Dr. Korby and his research team have been located on planet Exo III.

    This clip reunites Christine and Dr. Korby, (this occurs just after the stunning enterance of Sherry Jackson as Andrea - drop dead beautiful!). While this scene is only slightly over 2 minutes long, it follows what was up to that point a very quiet episode of Star Trek, not much happens except Kirk loses a security guard.

    But now the episode's pace quickens. Keep your eye on the clip countdown and see how much you can pack in under 2 minutes.

    First Dr. Brown (Roger Korby's assistant) threatens Kirk with a phaser, Kirk uses Andrea as cover while he jumps behind a table, Andrea opens the door to let the bis guy, (Ted Cassidy as Ruk), enter the room; Kirk wounds Dr. Brown as Ruk throws Kirk up against the wall.

    And whaddaya know - Dr. Brown is a robot!

    Majel Barrett as nurse Chapel just rocks in this episode! My thanks to CBS for making excellent clips of Star Trek available on YouTube:

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