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    Is there an actor from movies or television that you truly admire?

    Drop their names here, and you don't need a pic or a clip either. Just tell what you like about them.

    I've known Kurt Russell forever, he's just a few years older than I am. His career started when he was a little boy in the 50's and Disney started him on his way in films in the 60's.

    You name it and Kurt's probably done it, lol.

    I watched the 1998 film "Soldier" again and Kurt Russell is just plain amazing to watch. He's a solid actor and can play most any part. Kurt Russell is a real favorite of mine.

    Was this movie really 15 years ago?

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      I'm bumping this with my favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation actor.

      I just adore Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher. She had that perfect balance of cool and hot that made some of her scenes memorable.

      But this clip is from that strange episode call "Night Terrors". This is the scene that TNG fans still talk about:

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