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    Need help with a tv movie from the late 80's early 90's. It was much like Steven Speilberg's movie Duel. Where an unseen driver of a black car (Trans Am maybe??) that was stalking a woman. The driver kidnapped the womans daughter for a brief period. Any help would be great.
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      Sounds like "Wheels of Terror", one of the first movies I saw on USA Network when they started their movie of the week.
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        That was it. Thanks
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          Nice work Pinwheel!

          This reminds me of an old made-for-TV movie I saw when I lived in Arizona back in 1979.

          "Death Car on the Freeway" was about a killer in a dark Dodge van that was running women drivers off the road, to their deaths.

          A Los Angeles TV news reporter couldn't understand why the California Highway Patrol weren't mobilizing to catch this guy.

          All bets are off when the killer gives this nosey reporter a thrill ride on the freeway!

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