Thread: How Do I Download/Install MAME On My Computer???

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    I want to download and install the latest MAME emulator on my computer, which currently has (64 bit) Windows 7. I have visited the MAME website and it gives you several download options, but I don't know which one to use. I need step-by-step directions on how to download and install MAME where it will run with no issues. I have MAMEIU32 on my laptop, which I downloaded a few years ago, but I also want to install it on my main (desktop) computer as well. Thanks for any help with this.
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          I have Win7x64 too. I had some trouble with this myself. Got some help from BYOAC wiki.

          If you use a arcade stick I recommend using a front-end. You can also find a good list of those at BYOAC. I use mGalaxy right now.
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            To make it easier to install there are loads of great easy installer versions take your pick then just click on the exe to install your chosen 64-Bit version then all you have to do is click the icon of your chosen version click the scan romes button or audit depending on choosen version then click available to filter out the games you don't have so it's just a list of what you do have then double click to load your arcade cab and enjoy it.

            Hope this link helps you out finding a setup and play easy installer 64-Bit MAME version thats ideal for your required setup as it helped me a lot.

            Some easy installers have games that some others forgot to add the Rise of the Robots proto is an example that you may not see in some version gamelists so it may be wise to try out a few versions to see what the best for your useage is if you wanna play unreleased arcade games like that.

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              First, we need 7-zip; this will allow us to extract our MAME Emulator. Now that we have 7-zip up and running, download MAMEUI (32bit) 0.143, make sure to download the correct version for your OS version. For Windows 7, Click the Windows key on your keyboard, and in the lower right hand corner, click Control Panel, go to the upper right hand corner of the Control Panel window and click the View By tab, select Large Icons, scroll to the bottom of the window and right above user accounts should be System, click on it.
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