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    Who thinks these guys rock? they are the best company for sci-fi, horror and thrillers to be on blu-ray. I do, ever since last September Halloween 2 and Halloween 3 got special editions with extras galore and beautiful quality picture i collected each one of them from Halloween 2/3, Terror Train, The Funhouse, Death Valley, They Live, The Island (1980), Deadly Blessing (FINALLY on DVD and blu-ray), Prison (Ditto), Terrorvision and VideoDead double feature (both finally on DVD and blu-ray) and The Nest and each one has awesome picture and sound with nice extras well despite Island has only one which is just the trailer with Nest having one which is just an audio commentary but that's ok, they are earning praise big time.

    They know how to please fans of the genres as Shout did some nice efforts with their Roger Corman blu-rays/DVDs and Stepfather and Audition plus they also brought MST3K on more volumes.

    I can't wait for From Beyond and Phantasm II Special Edition blus which i pre-ordered also pre-ordered Vampire Lovers with The Burning and Town That Dreaded Sundown (FINALLY on both DVD and blu-ray with The Evictors) and i'll be getting Lifeforce Special Edition and Howling 2 days after my birthday when they hit stores.

    I also can't wait for Incredible Melting Man (i hope Shout releases the MST3K version on one of this year's MST3K boxsets), The Fog, Hospital Massacre (aka X-Ray), The Horror Show (aka House III), The Godsend/Schizoid double feature, Scanners 2/3 double feature, The Vagrant and Day of the Dead.
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