Thread: DeeDee's friend LeeLee with a bow and arrow

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    Here's my black and white fanart sketch of Dexter's sister DeeDee's Asian friend LeeLee from the 1990s children's cartoon show "Dexter's Laboratory" clad in the same battle armor that Mulan wore in Season Two of Once Upon a Time.

    Here, LeeLee is about to fire a single arrow from her bow and right at the massive war machine of the evil Mandark, possibly to cause Mandark's machine of war to collapse (and possibly cause a Rube Goldberg-like destruction not only of Mandark's war machine, but also Mandark's army of evil as well as Mandark's siege of Shangara).

    At least my artistic abilities are pretty good, isn't it?
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      Yo Timbox, long time no see!

      In general your art is pretty cute. I love her facial expression and I love the armor.

      The only thing that's bothering me is her arms. They look way too long for her body, especially her left arm. In general, the tips of your fingers stop at about mid-thigh. Her arm is longer than her leg. Maybe try shorting her arms a bit?
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