Thread: A friendly conservation between Dexter, Douglas, and LeeLee

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    Here are two Photoshop composites that I have done today:

    While Dexter the Boy Genius looks on, his friend Douglas E. Mordecai gave a friendly speech to one of Dexter’s ballerina sister Dee Dee’s friends Lee Lee in her native Shangaran tongue:

    Douglas: Dāi Kâmai Löng’kâni shin’yūki hôuyo’sâiya, pêngyao tsukâi. (May The Great Dragon-God smile upon our first meeting, dear friend.)

    LeeLee: Hāiyao akûni, pêngyao tsukâi. Shêng’yiňa yangôsha nôa fomāru otâo. (Not bad, dear friend. You sound a little formal.)

    The above Shangaran words used might be made or invented from bits of Chinese, Japanese, or maybe Polynesian or Asian/Pacific tongues.

    So, what did the invented Shangaran words sound like to you?
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