Thread: 90's kids: Tell me about a typical Saturday

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    If you've ever seen the movie "Kids". That was pretty much our lives at the time. minus the rape, aids and little kids

    Never seen it, but will watch it! I used to get stoned off my ass and play Kirby a few years ago. Definitely an experience.

    Made in 95 when I was a teen. You can watch the whole thing here

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      Typical Saturday? When I was around four, five, it was getting up in the morning to watch my favorite shows like "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", "The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show", "Schoolhouse Rock", then it would be pancakes with my mom and dad. Very often I'd go with my dad to my favorite McDonald's where I would play in their playplace which seemed like a freakin' wonderland to a kid, a happy meal after. I lived in a coastal town and the McDonald's was near the ocean--it was beautiful out there! Other times, I would play with my best friend who lived right next door, everything from playing ball to barbies or just making up random games out of our heads, LOL. I'm talking HOURS out in the backyard, getting lots of fresh air, sunlight and exercise, things a lot of modern-day kids aren't getting these days because of being in the house distracted by modern technology.

      On Saturday nights, sometimes I'd be allowed to stay up late to watch Nick at Nite. Great memories! Back in the day, Nick at Nite played real old shows like "I Love Lucy", "Mr. Ed", "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "Dragnet", "Get Smart". I've been a classic film and TV fan ever since, I'm obsessed with retro pop culture and nostalgia. I credit old-school Nick at Nite for that!
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        I miss the Saturdays of the 90's
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