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    Here is a full episode of the TV show I never expected to see again. In 1967 CBS News produced a show called "The 21st Century", hosted by Walter Cronkite.

    The late 60's was a time when Mr. Cronkite might appear at any hour of the broadcast day. He covered all Moon Mission launches - scheduled and back-up missions too. Like Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite had a love of science, technology as well as the natural world with his fondness for world wildlife.

    The 21st Century gave opportunity for Cronkite to speak with leading designers, engineers, scientist and futurists. Everyone made their best case for a view to the next century.

    Not sure how long this will stay up on YouTube, but for now it's an interesting look back just to see what Walter got right . . . and wrong.

    Here's a better copy of the closing theme:

    The Eldorado is dead. Long live the Eldorado.
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