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    What pet did you guys have at home? I had two cats; one black and white and a brown tabby.
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      My first pet as a kid was a medium sized dog, yellowish white colored, it didn't belong to any specific breed. Later on I got a smaller dog, grey colored. My sister had a cocker spaniel and for a little while an iguana and a hamster.
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        We had a cocker spaniel/poodle mix when I was little kid. When I was 5 he got into some rat poison in the garage and died a few days later. He was gasping for air the day before, but my parents didn't bring him to the vet. It wasn't until he was almost dead before they brought him. They still can't give me a reason why and it pisses me off to this day. We got a pit bull after that, then a schnauzer and then a mutt. The last two both lived a long time and had to eventually be put to sleep. We got rid of the pit bull a few years later because he got to aggressive.

        My first pet was a hamster. I had a few hamsters actually, but couldn't keep them alive more than a few months. I also had gold fish and two tortoise. Again couldn't keep them alive. As I got older I became better at caring for pets. I learned about water PH, proper temperature, proper diet and so on. I have African Cichlids now for fish and my oldest one is 6 years old. Our water here is hard and they thrive well in it. The dog I found last year is doing well too.
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          Wow that's some good experiences there guys. I had my black and white cat "Buster" for years and he was a true friend to me; sadly in 2006 he had a problem with his heart and he kept limping. So after that he passed away. On the other hand "Missy" the brown tabby had 6 kittens as she fell in love with a tom cat in 2007.
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