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    It is way off-topic I know but I need to know what to do. I have used the internet for 10 years so far and I have a nasty habit of setting up email accounts too many for each individual site that I register for. I just want to forget it all and dedicate myself to just one or two. BTW there are so many that I forgot the user names and passwords I had. How did anybody handle this before? And how does the average person handle privacy issues online?
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      You could have your browser remember things.

      You could have a piece of paper remember things.

      Here's what I do. More complex, but also more powerful/flexible ~
      One email account for personal comms. One for professional. The latter forwards everything it gets to the former. All such forwarded messages are deleted from personal inbox immediately after reading. One email acct for logging in to other things. And a fourth for signing up for BS and stuff I think might spam. These last two I only log in to when I need to get a verification code or something.

      A password convention that makes it easy to remember things. For example: my password for RJ could be rjFNORD1160. Password for retro-daze rdFNORD2111, etc. The numbers at the end are the month and year I joined the site in question, reversed. (registered for RJ in 06-11, for R-D in 11-12.) This is not what I use, but an example of a way to have different yet easy to remember and hard to guess passwords for everything.

      You could use a similar convention for user names if you like.

      You could have the same user name for everything. I don't really do this because as you mention, privacy concerns. I will not log in to Site A using Facebook. I don't want my internet BS appearing on my Facebook feed since I use FB for real life; nor do I want other users from Site A being able to find me on FB. It comes down to separating internet life and real life.
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        I have a lot of addresses now. I have one that is purely a junk account. One for business that I use for online transactions. One for job hunting since I need a professional address with my name in it and not some silly address like [email protected]

        To keep track of everything I just write it down all in one place. So when I register for a site I'll write:
        Website: retrojunk
        Username: pikachulover

        This ins't my real rj info.
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          This is what I do. I have one email for personal and one email for business. When I buy stuff online online I use my Yahoo. For everything else I use my Gmail. The Gmail gets very little spam and the Yahoo gets a lot because that's the one I give to companies. I have 3 passwords. I have a complicated one for sites that want letters and number and at least 8 characters. I have another that is 6 with both letters and numbers and another that is just a word. If one doesn't work I try the other 2 because it has to be one of those. Just log into your accounts and change the email and password. You may have to start over on some accounts if you can't remember the password and can't recover it.
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