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    • 5 years 6 days ago
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    does anyone play any games with trading cards or do you just get them out just to look at
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      • 5 years 5 days ago
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      Are talking about trading crads like baseball cards or trading card games like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering? Cause the name suggests the former, but your comment suggests the latter.

      Well when it comes to TCG, I use to play WWF/E Raw Deal, a wrestling TGC, as much of a dork as that makes me sound, but as I started to lose more interest in wrestling (though I will admit I still watch it), so too the card game and appearly I am not the only one, as that card game started to really die out. I even spoke to a worker at a comic book store called "Heroes and Dragons" (though it's getting less and less of an actual comic book store and more of a TCG store) and he even told me that use to be a bigger seller for them, now that can't even give those cards away.

      I also started to play quite a bit of Pokemon, but although I still love the video games, the card game, much like Raw Deal, I become done with, as it's easy to see, trading card games don't keep my interest for too long. I collected some Magic, Mainly cause I really loved the artwork, but never actually played a game.
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        • 4 years 11 months ago
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        i mean any sort of trading cards Weather they are base ball, Pokemon or doctor who trading cards which are calle monster invasion there have been three sets so far and they all have diffrent catagories there are the doctor cards, doctor's ally cards, gadget cards, monster cards, villan cards and adventure cards
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          • 4 years 10 months ago
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          I'd love to see an original trading card series that isn't overpriced. I was a big fan of Marvel Comics cards, movie cards, basketball and other bubblegum style packs in the 90s. I just saw some Walking Dead packs at the store a few weeks ago and it was priced at $5 for a two pack.
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            • 4 years 10 months ago
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            Just to look at.

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