Thread: Help!! Pale blue/ grey rabbit toy with dolls face and apron?

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    I've come on here because I'm searching for a toy that I had as a child that I loved so much but somehow over the years through moving house etc it got lost.
    I would dearly love to have one of these toys again. I'm pregnant at the moment and I would love to be able to put it on a shelf in the nursery for my little girl. Mine was my very first toy which was given to me the day I was born by a cousin of mine so it was around in 1977 but it was not new when she gave me it and my cousin was born in the late 60's so its possible it was made as early as '69/70.

    Having been looking for it for months now I keep coming across the Rushton and Gund animal body doll face toys but although it is in a style its definitely not Rushton and Gund. I remember the label was still on the body and it was white with a red symbol and red writing and I can't remember anything else about the label unfortunately.

    Full description of the toy-
    The body was in the form of a rabbit, it was pale blue almost a grey shade at the back of the head, back of the main body and the arms all this was made of a thickish woven type of material (not as thick as wool though) and had a white front that was made of cloth. At the front there was a little white and red apron (red polkadots) that had a red button at the top of the apron. The feet were made of the pale blue/ grey material and had white cloth at the base of them (possibly with red polka dots on it to match the apron).

    While the arms were made of the pale blue/ grey material, the hands were either rubber or plastic (probably rubber, but I remember they were very strong).
    The face was either rubber or plastic, again likely rubber and the back of the head which was made out of the blue grey material was attached to the face round the edges, it almost looked like a hood. The ears were rabbit ears made from the material but had the white cloth with red polka dots at the front.
    The eyes opened and closed like a baby doll and there was curly blondish hair coming from the hood.
    I don't remember it having a rabbit tail, my original rabbit doll possibly lost its tail before it came to me but I assume if it had had a tail it would likely be made from the blue material and have the white and red cloth on it too.
    I would dearly love to have one of these again but no one remembers where it was bought or the company name on the label!!! Please can someone help? Thanks!!!
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