Thread: Looking for several action figures and goodies from the past

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    Hi guys. It's been so long since my last visit (not to mention i haven't logged in a while). Glad to see everything is running and all and hopefully some of you will be able to answer my questions like you did before.

    I'm looking for 3 specific toys. The first line of toys i'm looking for had that classic 1:18th G.I.Joe scale. Some of the figure in the line included some kind of a mutant elf (not exaclty elf, i mean because his ears were elf-like) with and eyepatch (again, not an eyepatch, more like Spade from Hokuto no Ken or to be even more precise i think his eyepatch was round and it had several small holes in it, similar to what Iria was wearing when she fought Zeiram in the first movie). So this guy came with a motor tricycle if i'm not mistaken. From the same line there was also some black guy action figure with curly afro hair and a robot arm. It was more like an exoskeletal robot arm. Another figure from that toyline was some really cool grey-ish looking robot that reminds me of the Guyver and that guy was riding a a blue robot triceratops (or was it a rhino). Eventhough the toys are 1:18 scale (the classic g.i. joe scale i guess) from the same toyline there were some small yellow robots with triangular heads or something and they had some vehicles to ride on as well.

    The second toy i'm looking for is a playset... Now that will be hard to explain. I know there are probably hundreds of playsayts but really there shouldn't be that many moving fortress playsets. That's how i would describe it. I think it's colours were green or ochre. It was like a giant heavy loaded with guns fortress. And yes it was big. I know some of things i'm saying might not be what i had seen, but i'm trying my best to explain. The best thing i could probably compare it with is the wheeled warriors playset. That's the closest to my mind ( ). It might even be that, i'm not sure...

    The last thing i'm looking are some 80s or 90's robot toys. All i could remember is that one of them was a green or was it metallic apatosaurus toy that could turn into a robot.

    Thanks and i hope you can help me out
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