Thread: New Daft Punk album comes out this spring

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    After signing to Columbia records, rumors of a new Daft Punk album are confirmed to be true. Paul Williams, veteran bassist Nathan East, Chilly Gonzales and disco producer Giorgio Moroder are among the list of people that have reported to collaborating with the french duo.

    what do you think this new album will sound like? will they try something new or do you think they're going back to their old sound?
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      Let's hope this shouldn't have a 'Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics' label!
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        The Tron soundtrack was cool, but the songs felt like teasers more than anything.
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          A teaser for one of their new tracks was aired on Saturday night live last night. Obviously 15 seconds of a track is not enough to go on to deciding whether you'll like the new album or not, but if the whole album sounds similar to this, I can honestly say I wouldn't have any complaints.

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            Yesterday a title for the album was revealed. The album will be called Random Access Memories. A new teaser aired on SNL the same night revealing 15 seconds of another of the new tracks.

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