Thread: ur fav episode/chatacter?

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    What is your favorite episode and character from the following shows? Mine are as follows....

    That 70's Show:
    Character: Eric
    Episode: Eric's Hot Cousin

    Character: Jerry
    Episode: The Burning (Hilarious)

    The Simpsons:
    Character: Homer
    Episode:If I can't pick all the halloween eps then I pick ''homers enemy'' lol

    Character: Dan
    Episode: Into That Good Night

    Home Improvement:
    Character: Why The Toolman of course!
    Episode: The Haunting Of Taylor House
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      The only shows I actually liked from your list were The Simpsons and That 70s Show. The others not so much.

      That 70s Show:
      Eric's dad or Jackie
      Can't think of a particular episode.

      The Simpons:
      Homer by far!
      A memorable would be the one were Bart tries to become a daredevil and Homer falls into the canyon.
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        Picking episodes is hard but picking Characters is easy,

        That 70's Show: Hyde

        Seinfeld: George (I love the one where he starts eating Snickers bars with a knife and fork)

        The Simpsons: Homer followed closely by Lionel Hutz and Gil

        Roseanne: Darlene

        Home Improvement: Randy for his smart ass remarks
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          I like Homer in The Simpsons he's really funny and yet kinda slow and stupid.
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            That 70s Show:
            Character: Fez
            Episode: The one where they go to Canada

            Character: George
            Episode: The where George buys the magazine that a convict wanted

            The Simpsons
            Character: Homer
            Episode: Homer's Enemy

            Character: Darlene
            Episode: Not sure, never watched it much

            Home Improvement:
            Character: Tim
            Episode: The one where Tim and Al guest-host a cooking show
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