Thread: Help Remembering '90s Shorts?

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    I remember this series of cartoons from when I was a kid. It was either on Cartoon Network or Nick and had a very short run; I only remember a couple episodes. The formula was that during every show, something would happen and the main protagonist would have a transformation related to that the night afterwards. For instance, there was one where he hate dog food and that night he turned into a dog. I also remember there being one where he turned into a girl.

    I want to say it was in that '50s pop art style that everything was in back then (Dexter's Lab, 2 Stupid Dogs, PowerPuff Girls, etc) but it's really hard to remember.

    So far I've looked glanced through the old cartoon anthologies and looked through like 10 pages of search results here on retro junk, as well as google. This'd be so much easier if I could remember a title or name...

    Can anyone help?
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