Thread: Wilsoooon! 1990s Pepsi commercial?

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    My brother and I have been trying to find a video copy of a mid-90's Pepsi commercial. It was just when they started stamping 'freshness' dates on cans. The commercial showed an old butler doddering slowly through a mansion with a pepsi can. His master's impatient screams can be heard in the distance. 'Wilsoooon!'
    The butler reaches his master, who looks at the expriation date on the bottom of the can and says, 'Ah - just made it!' He then opens the can and says, 'Straw?'
    The buttler then shuffles off at a snail's pace again to fetch a straw with his master's screams echoing behind him. 'Wilsooooon!'
    We haven't been able to find a copy of this commercial ANYWHERE. Does anyone have it? Or a link to it...?
    Many thanks/kudos if you do...
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