Thread: Really need to find a 70's commercial

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    Hi, all.
    I'm looking for a commercial from the mid to late 70's. All I remember is some kids sledding in the snow, and either a stuffed or animated dog (looks a lot like Farfel) sleds down the hill and crashes into everybody at the bottom, I think. He says something like "Hi Frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeends!". I seem to remember one of the kids' moms calls them up to the house for hot soup, or hot cocoa. This is driving me nuts! I must have it! Could be Nestle, or Hershey chocolate.
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      Was it on American TV?
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        it could be nestle'maybe you can find it on youtube as they have many i go there to see some of them as i justlove the Budweiser horse ones.
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