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    This gum commercial dates back around I believe late 90s and early 2000s.

    There are three versions of this commercial - there maybe more but I can only remember three so far.

    1.) The blue version of the gum where it shows an icy cavern/cave with a snow princess in the middle of the cave. Her breath is extremely cold.

    2.) The green version shows a guy being bounced up and down on a pile of leaves like a trampoline and everywhere around him are people dressed in green with people jumping and dancing in the air.

    3.) This one is the hardest. It is either purple/pink/or yellow. I only remember a black female actress just blowing a bubble gum in front of the screen. The gum is pink colored.

    Please help and thanks!
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      Probably not it, but I loved the song in this commercial when I first saw it.

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        Not it.
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          Carefree gum?
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            I don't think it is carefree gum. Do you have a youtube link to show me? So far most of them are from the 80s.
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