Thread: looking for the name of a toy/series

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    Hey guys, as much as i hate having to ask around cause of the empire of Google and wiki,data mining, but I'm at a loss, so I'll set it up for you guys,

    crimmus,, of the early 90's a scant few years ahead of the emergence of power rangers, i get one o the awesome toys for the season, a plane, but not just any plane, it looked similar to an SR 71 blackbird, but with a variable wing for a bomber/attack plane modes had a separating cockpit/nose cone, and a landing strip on the back that could house a much smaller jet, akin to a micro machine that came with, it, As i assume it was supposed to be an inflight carrier, for other jets, I'd like to find out what the series of toys were called, as well as what that particular toy was,, as it was a fond memory and I'd like to get another one some time once i figure out what it is.
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