Thread: Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. Music Videos

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    - That commercial for Nickelodeon Weinerville where Boney sings the full version of his "Leave me aloney" song. At some point, he runs into an Abraham Lincoln statue/puppet/something, who speaks to him.

    - The Allegra's Window song where Allegra, Lindi, Reed, and Riff wander around New York (I think) and sing about high and low sounds. The first lyrics are "Searching, searching all around," sung by Reed. And other lyrics are "Whoa that's high," mainly sung by Allgra and Lindi, and "Whoa, that's low," usually sung by Reed.

    - Gullah Gullah Island song from Nick Jr. Sings. The cast sings the English and Spanish words for chicken, cat, apple, and hat, in that order.
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